Trendsetter, Follower or Something Different?

Every decade creates trends for stylish home features and décor, which can either personalize or date a home.  Because of this it can be difficult to determine which trends to follow and what might be faddish.

Consider these trends through the past 50 years:


  • Avocado Green and Harvest Gold appliances and plumbing fixtures
  • “Wall-to-Wall” Shag Carpet often long enough to need a “rake”
  • Lighting included Hanging Lamps with chains and Track Lighting
  • Wallpaper bold patterned and applied generously
  • Sunken Living Rooms


  • Colors – Country Slate Blue and Dusty Rose
  • Introduction of the Open Floor Plan
  • Wallpaper Borders – placed near the ceiling or mid-wall for a focal point
  • Mirrored Closet Doors – “Really open up a room!”
  • Recliners – a man’s Favorite Chair


  • The White Kitchen
  • Stencils & Sponge Painting -DIY for walls
  • Silk Flower Plants, Wreaths & Swags
  • Big Brass Light Fixtures, Cabinet Pulls, Door Handles . . .
  • Golden Oak Cabinetry


  • Stainless Steel Appliances
  • Granite Countertops
  • Farmhouse and Vessel Sinks
  • Multiple Cabinet Finishes in the Kitchen (both dark & light, painted and stained)
  • Media Rooms, Mudrooms, Home Office & Outdoor Living

Can you picture these homes?  Were they yours?  From a television show?  Or were some around before you were born? Some of these items are timeless and other items simply screamed FAD!

So how can you have a beautiful home that fits your personal style and isn’t soon outdated?

Concentrate on what is long lasting for your home:

  • Functional Items – rooms and furnishings you enjoy and use regularly
  • Overall Livability
  • Stay neutral with large, permanently fixed items (bathtubs & tile)
  • Consider utilizing trends with smaller or easier to replace items like accent pieces and paint color
  • Finely Constructed Details and Finishes

Your home style should fit your personality.   Carry out your influence in floor plans, room size, color, furnishings, etc.


  • If you are original and flamboyant – your wall colors and textiles can and should reflect it.
  • If you are quiet and prone to introspection, opt for smaller rooms to hold close the conversations and people you hold most dear.
  • Are you an extrovert? An open floor plan will help accommodate you & yours, but also friends, families and parties.
  • Have a household of kids? a room that can be converted from Toy Room to Teen Rec Room with simple changes.
  • Plan a room around a sentimental “treasure” (i.e.- Grandma’s dining table or oversized Coca-Cola tin sign, etc.) to make your home unique.
  • Love the great outdoors? Outdoor kitchens and family “rooms” are changing the way people live and expanding homes beyond walls.

Create a color palette by looking in your closet.  The colors you wear are often best suited to your home.  Determine what “fits” – review home ideas, colors, showrooms, model homes, Parade of Homes,  Ask, “Is this something that I want to live with or is it something that might come and go in my life?”

Unsure about paint color? Paint 3 walls in a room with a neutral hue and use a “2016 trend” color for the final wall.  Hint:  select a wall that is easy to paint so changing its color will be simple in the future.  Voila!  Trend following made easy.

Concentrate on items you love and match your way of living.  This removes worries about trends or fads, because it is your HOME and it suits you perfectly.