‘2016’ Design Trends To Pay Attention To

From lighting to flooring… ‘2016’ will bring the design and construction industry new trends offering sustainability and functionality.  People want a personalized, tailored design that enriches their lives!  Warm metals, geometric shapes and organic materials are a few of the trends that will be driving our industry globally.  Here are a few areas offering the opportunity to be creative:

Trend No. 1: You Light Up My Life

Lighting has gone GINORMOUS and can be found in a variety of fabrics and finishes. Statement light fixtures—as in large scale, a cluster of multiples or a striking style—can become the focal point of an entire room, dictating the entire personality or mood of a space.  They can be as important as art, furniture or an interior paint palette. Mix and match finishes among light fixtures…the mixed metal palette creates an interesting and inviting scene.  The illuminating influence created by pendants, chandeliers, wall sconces or a table lamp can anchor a space or simply draw immediate design-worthy attention.

lush home                                                                                        lushhome



house design arthouse design art

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Courtesy of Pinterest

 Lighting is also holding their own on the path of sustainability.  LEDs are small and one of today’s most energy-efficient, “directional” light source, emitting light in a specific direction and rapidly developing technologies according to the American Lighting Association.  They tend to be more expensive initially but will save money over the lifetime use.  The rated life for a typical standard incandescent bulb is 1,000 hours, LEDs are rated for 30-50,000 hours or more.  Popular placement of LEDs in the kitchen can be found at the ceiling for directional down lighting, under cabinet lighting for mood and task and inside upper interior cabinets to showcase art and collectibles.


lumicrest                              vale appliance

Trend No. 2: Tile with Style

Tile is an important element that is constantly developing unique techniques, using contemporary materials and modern ideas to help the design and construction industry extend “ONE OF A KIND” to their clients.  The textured tile designs are extravagant, bringing drama and creatively transforming living spaces!


lush home 1 lush home 2 lush home 3lush home 4                                                                                         lushhome

Ceramic and mosaic tile designs are stepping up their game!  Ceramic tiles enhance our interiors offering wood textures.  These ceramic tiles are giving us the durability and warmth to sustain the wear and tear, “THE LIVING” that we do in our homes.

hard wood 1 hard wood 2 hard wood 3


Mosaic tiles bring fabulous decorative patterns creating almost an optical illusion.  The mirrored and metallic tiles make our rooms look brighter.  They are eye-catching, reflective and colorful tiles with movement and LOTS of personality.


prat pratt 1 pratt 2

Pratt & Larson


pinterest                                                                                        Pinterest

Geometric has a HUGE voice in the tile world coming 2016.  There’s something captivating about tile…giant illustrations made of patterns that go beyond the traditional subway tile are a genuine design statement!

tile 1 tile 2 tile 3

Trend No. 3: Color Our World

2016 Sherwin William’s Color Forecast

Passionate pursuit. Fresh mindfulness. Vintage workmanship. Social engagement. And technology and materials that seem to come from out of this world. We’re taking the best of everything life has to offer and indulging in the moment. Prepare to come together as we go in passionate pursuit of a shared color consciousness.


pura vedaPura Vida: The elements that remind us to live well, be well, and stay well are vital to creating spaces to unplug.




mas amorMas Amor Por Favor:  Meaningful change begins locally. Driven by social engagements as much as social media, we’re coming together to rediscover the pleasures of intimate gatherings.





narrativeNouveau Narrative: Our new industrial evolution may be small batch and grassroots, but it’s built to last.




trajectoryTrajectory: Technology’s pace has us living in a constant state of wonder. The boundaries between art, science, and commerce continue to blur.


Color is the driving force behind design and is the element of design that gives us a direction.  A direction of where to begin, a direction of what we love and a direction of creating interest in our spaces!  Sherwin Williams has opened all of                                              our eyes with their 2016 forcast to image the what if…


Trends…they come and go and they give us something to look forward to!  The 2016 design trends have a focus on mindfulness, sustainability and drama opening the doors TO US ALL to create personalized tailored designs that offer optimal function, interest and enrich our lives!


Written By:  Misty Castleberry

Aspire Interior Design, LLC